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About Houston Heights

The Heights of Houston, Tx, commonly referred to as “The Heights” was established in the late 1800s by Oscar Martin Carter, whose vision was to create a community that combined rich and middle class residents, ensuring a future-proof progressive and thriving neighborhood.

The covetable district has lived up to that vision, by offering an unrivaled character and appeal through a mix of its bright Victorian and modern cabin style homes as noteworthy homesteads.

Known for its dynamic lifestyles, inhabitants appreciate pleasant and scenic hikes and bicycle trails, with boutique yoga, wellness, and fitness studios in close proximity. Family retail shops, broadly recognized eateries, and eccentric local bars create a fully immersive and intrinsic sense of community.


Houston Heights is one of the biggest and fastest-growing neighborhoods within Houston city. Found inside what is referred to as “Greater Heights” and located in the North-West Central of Houston, it is known for its combination of urban living and rural sense of community and conveniently located about five minutes from Houston downtown.

This proximity to downtown affords residents the ability to enjoy access to world-class amenities and entertainment right in their backyards, without sacrificing the tranquility of the neighborhood from the noise and bustle of the city center, due to excellently crafted architecture that took advantage of the higher elevated landscape.

Other neighboring areas that constitute”Greater Heights”, include, Germantown, Woodland Heights, Norhill, Shady Acres, Sunset Heights, Clark Pines, and Brooksmith

The median age is 39, so the majority of the residents are young professionals, who make up the bulk of the demographic, but a gradual and steady increase in number of children and older white collar professionals suggests, age diversity is improving.


Houston Heights is often used interchangeably with  it’s much bigger term of “Greater Heights” which is a larger span of land that consists of Houston Heights, as well as the following neighborhoods;
Germantown, Woodlands Height, Norhill ,Shady Acres, Sunset Heights, East Sunset Heights, Clark Pines, and Brooksmith.

The Geographical is that, Greater Heights runs off, “610 North loop” and  meets the “Interstate 45  in the East, via Katy Freeway; Houston Heights, is slimmer piece of real estate that runs the length of Greater Heights from North to South,  and within North Shepherd Drive on the West and Studewood Street in the East.


Even though “The Heights” is a few minutes from the bustle of downtown Houston, it presents a quintessentially quiet residential environment that mixes the energy of students, young working professionals who form the majority, new families and a modern older crowd.
Expect upscale and eclectic bars and restaurants, active lifestyle bike and hike parks, and newly developed amenities like gyms, grocery stores, and shopping complexes.
The homes available for sale in the heights are reflective of the diversity in the area, so you will find anything from Colonial to Contemporary, Modern, Mid-century modern and Art Deco, and a whole range of others.
If you’re unsure about Architectural designs of homes, the diynetwork site has invaluable examples.


Greater Heights Houstonians love their artsy neighborhood, which is made up of a mixture of regular and unconventional shops with eccentric products.

The Historic Heights is a popular stretch of theaters, salons, restaurants, bars and shops where specialty jewelry, clothes and services can be obtained. The Heights theater offers an intimate location for theatrics and features emerging artists and plays, while live music at bars like Fitzgerad’s are evening and weekend entertainment.

Most areas can be accessed by walking or cycling which ties into the health conscious nature of the neighborhood, with a network parks interjecting walk and bike trails that interconnect the streets, and a pathway into other neighborhoods.

It is a haven where nature, health and good cuisine come together, which is the reason, niche.com ranked the heights, the 9th best place to live in Houston.

Some notable attractions are the private club Art Car Museum, nicknamed “G’raj Mahal”, Sand dollar thrift shop, and Aurora Picture show, for intimate experience of the Arts, Heights style.


The Heights is a beehive of outdoor activity and will suit the outdoorsy person, who likes gallivanting on the sidewalks, while enjoying the different attractions already mentioned.

You will have to deal with the significant humidity that hovers over Houston, which is not ideal, but almost every business with an outdoor facility offers some kind of cooling mechanism to be make it tolerable. The summer is the worst of it, and during the winter, the weather cools down considerably, and has the same feel as the Californian weather – which is perhaps why Californians are moving to Houston in their droves.

Population and Demographics

Total Population: 45,154
Persons per Sq Mile: 5,899
Median Income: $95,690
Median Housing Value: $435,891
No of Housing Units: 22,153
Total Households: 20,045
Family Households: 10,087
Occupied: 90%
Vacant: 10%

Homes for Sale

Types of Homes

Most of Houston Heights homes are detached Single -family designs and are free-standing, which means that they are unattached structures, usually surrounded by a parcel of land, that can be used as an open yard, garden or patio. Inspired tree placements and beautiful gardens provide shade during the summer months and create beautiful colors in the spring, and especially in the fall, which complement the house designs.

Gated Communities

The gated Community homes offer an extra level of security for peace of mind to residents. Here you will enjoy master-planned homes, with concierge services, private parking, conference rooms and swimming pools for events and recreation among others.
There are a variety of Single Family homes and Townhouses that feature in these communities, and ideal for anyone looking for a bit more exclusivity and security.


Leasing in Houston Heights can be steep for comfortable high or high end apartments, but there are opportunities for shared accommodation or single rooms within a landlord’s house. Contact me directly if you have specific requirements

Leasing a Home in Houston Heights

The community was originally made up of bungalows and old Victorian designs from the early days of Houston Heights, and is protected by the “Deed Restrictions Act” of 1990 to maintain the history of the community. So you will find renovated and well-maintained historic bungalows scattered around the neighborhood, but this only serves to promote the cultural richness from combining modern and historic concepts


Houston Heights schools provide public, private and charter services at the Elementary, Middle school and High School levels. 

The number of schools in the neighborhood is tipped towards elementary schools, so it would suit young families that are starting out or relocating to Houston, looking for stability and growth. 

Multiple playgrounds and outdoor activities, as well as children-friendly restaurants, will help balance the work and play ratio parents crave.

Houston Heights Assets

When moving house, you have needs and requirements that will vary between people based on several variables like marriage, children, work, travel, income and more.

These will essentially begin to dictate your lifestyle, so you must familiarize yourself with the assets around you to ensure the life you build is the life that you want – or at least have the means to vary or change it if need be.

Below is a compilation of categorized business services in Houston Heights, that may be beneficial to you.

Think of it as a “things to do in Houston Heights”, which contains the usual amenities and services you would expect in any standard neighborhoods, but Houston Heights is constantly updated with new and quirky gem establishments and services that complement the eclectic community and I shall endeavor to update this regularly

Friendly Neighborhood Food and Bars

Everything is big in Texas, especially the food, and what else goes better with food than a good bottle of wine.

Perhaps, you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, and something to snack on while on the move or feast in the car, by yourself or with the family.

Check out the Cusine Options in Houston Heights below –  

My Top Five only!

1. Down House
1801 Yale St. Houston
Tx 77008 Tel: 7138643696

A true Houston Height eatery, and the very first restaurant options on google in the heights, with over 1k reviews,  and 4/5 stars Google review – this is your #1 “goto” place . You can have Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner  – and happy hour is everyday b/w 4-6pm yay!

It also has free wifi, so you can order an uber or find a distraction for a bad date

2.  Eight Row Flint
1039 Yale St. Houston
Tx 77008 Tel: 8327674002

Bar & Grill

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